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Seat Belts Save Lives

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One of the easiest things in the world that you can do is put your seat belt on. You need to have you seat belt on anytime that you are driving your vehicles. Everyday thousands of drivers risk their lives but driving their cars without their seat belts on. It is very stupid to do this and I don’t know why anyone would risk their lives like this. A Orange County Car Accident Lawyer once told me that a lot of car accident deaths are because the drivers failed to install their seat belts and the drivers or passengers will usually end up outside the car and dead which is a horrible thought. Orange County car accident lawyer

A Bad Accident and Arguement

I was recently involved in a collision and it was an awful experience from start to finish. I was leaving the grocery store with my family and some old guy hit the back of my car. He was going about 30 miles an hour so it was a pretty bad accident. The worse part was the guy thought it was my fault and started arguing with me. We eventually had to call the police because we were about to get into a fight right there in the street. I immediately called a San Diego Car Accident Lawyer to see what my options were because I started to have some back and neck pain later that day. Luckily I had a good San Diego car accident lawyer.